Winter Retreat Program

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This year’s theme will be:

G.L.O.W. – Girls Light Up Our World!

Friday, Dec. 23,- LET’S G.L.O.W!

10AM: Registration & Brunch
Welcome GLOW Crafts: In Rivkah’s Tent!
12PM: Welcome Song & Games
1PM: Performing Arts Clubs
2PM: Swimming, Showers & Shabbos Prep
3:45PM: Jewish Girls Unite to Light Shabbos candles
4PM: Kabbalat Shabbat – Storytelling, Singing & Unity Games
5:30PM: Kiddush & Gourmet Shabbat Dinner
7PM: Performing Arts Clubs & Leadership Funshops
8:30PM: Panel & ‘Ted’ Talks by Girls
9:30PM: Deep Meaningful Discussions (Farbrengens)

Shabbos, Dec. 24, – G.L.O.W. ONE MORE LIGHT!

10AM: Breakfast & Icebreakers
10:30AM: Shabbat Morning Prayers & Reflections
11AM: Sarah’s Light & Legacy Funshop & Parshah Drama & Games
12PM: Performing Arts Clubs & Leadership Funshops
1PM: Shabbat Gourmet Luncheon
2:30PM: Shabbat Party & Games
4:30PM: Performing Clubs Presentations & Leadership Funshops
5:30PM: Havdalah & Menorah Lighting
6PM: Swimming
7:30PM: Paint Night & Chanukah Melave Malkah
9PM: Sing Along with Guest Singers
10PM: Bunk Time

Sunday, Dec. 25, – G.L.O.W. IN DARKNESS!

9:30AM: Breakfast
10AM: GPS Tefillah Activities & Prayer
11AM: Performing Arts Clubs & Leadership Funshops
12PM: Lunch
1PM: Performing Arts Presentations Online with COC (Creative Online Club)
2PM: Chanukah Cake Decorating Contest
2:30PM: Chanukah Workshops
3:30PM: Swimming
5PM: Menorah Lighting & Delicious Chanukah Dinner
6PM: Talent Show & Tzedakah Auction (Bring a Prize)
7PM: Chanukah Glow Concert with Guest Singers & JGR Choir
8PM: Glow in the Dark Dancing
9PM: JGU Sharing Candle Lighting Ceremony
10PM: Bunk Time with counselors.

Monday, Dec. 26 – G.L.O.W. AS ONE!

Late wake up
Pack up
4PM: Menorah Lighting & Chanukah Fun
5PM: Banquet & G.L.O.W. Awards
6PM: Retreat ends

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