Summer 2018 Session:

Head Staff Training – Sunday, June 24 & Monday, June 25

Staff Leadership Retreat: June 25-July 30

Camp Session- Sunday, July 1st to Tuesday July 24th

Session Fee:

(Does not include the registration fee)

Yaldah & Bat Mitzvah Camp (Grades 3-7): $3100 $3000 Early Bird before April 1st

Teen Leadership Camp (8-9 Grade): $3100 $3000 Early Bird before April 1st + $200 Trip Fee

Lamplighters (10th Grade): $3100 $3000 Early Bird before April 1st
Lamplighters are paid $400 for a job well done

CITs (11th Grade): $599 for the Leadership Retreat

Location: A beautiful boarding school in Hoosick, NY – exclusively ours!

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Tuition Policies:

  • Tuition for entire overnight three week session is $3000.00. Tuition fees cover most activities and trips (see additional teen program fees above)
  •  Tuition fees must be paid in full with application and medical forms filled out prior to camp. Tuition fees do not include the $180.00 non-refundable registration fee that will be used for the camp T-Shirt, laundry and Grand Trip fee.
  • Limited JGR discounts are available for those in need. Funds are limited. Please inquire to your local Jewish organizations for financial aid. Campers who are not enrolled in a Jewish Day school may be eligible for a $1,000.00 grant at
  • Campers will not be allowed to join their bunk until all payments are received. Unfortunately, our experience has been that often payments that are not paid before camp, don’t get paid. If we don’t receive payments, we can’t continue to provide a high quality summer experience for your daughter.
  • Canteen: Suggested amount: $75.00. Snacks will be sold at designated times. You may send some souvenir spending money too. All money will be kept in the camp bank and campers will withdraw their money before trips. 
  • Tzedakah Auction: JGR will hold a Tzedakah auction during camp. Please send in a minimum of $36.00 so your daughter can be part of this mitzvah to raise money for our camp scholarship fund.
  • Suggested Tips: are $30.00 for counselors, $20.00 for waitress, $15 for Division Head.
  • Pickup Fee: from the train or airport is $25 each way.
  • Payments must be received by June 1.



Camp fees may be partially refunded if a camper that was enrolled in our program is ill (G-d forbid) and therefore cannot attend even one day of camp. A doctor’s letter attesting to such illness must be sent with a request for a refund of camp fees. In all other cases that a camper misses a day or several days of camp due to an illness or for any other reason, no refund will be issued. For example, if a camper is asked to leave due to her inability to comply with camp rules after several warnings, or a camper voluntarily leaves prior to the end of the camp session, no refunds will be issued.