Each Division will enjoy special programs and privileges unique to their age group.

YALDAH Camp division: It is for girls finishing grades 3 & 4. Campers discover talents and develop social skills in a warm, nurturing and safe environment. They explore their Jewish self through a fun and incredible program.

Bat Mitzvah Camp division: It is a one-of-a-kind program for girls finishing grades 5-7 to explore what it means to be a blossoming young Jewish woman in the modern world. Girls explore their role as a “Bat Mitzvah”, young Jewish women, through inspiring lessons on great women and a combination of art, nature, drama and adventurous trips. Girls have the opportunity to play leading roles in the camp movie. Bat Mitzvah preparations are also available.

Teen Leadership Camp: The Teen leadership Camp for girls finishing grades 8 & 9 includes workshops on leadership and interpersonal skills, and inspiring lessons on self discovery and personal growth. Our campers are inspired to lead by example.  We also provide them with the hands on experience to shine and excel by taking a leading role in our camp production, color war and camp newsletter. The TLC program includes an extra trip each week, and a NYC trip for girls finishing grade 9.

Lamplighters: Our program for girls finishing grade 10 prepares and inspires them to become future counselors, mentors and community leaders. They will discover the power they have to be a lamplighter and change the world with their talents and strengths. They will be role models and mentors to younger campers and are responsible for setting tables before meals. They will participate in extra farbrengens, trips and night outs.

CITs: Girls finishing 11th grade can be counselors in training, giving them excellent hand-on leadership experience. They also join staff training to gain practical tools for personal growth, mentoring and leadership.