Please make sure you fill out our online medical form. The medical information provided by the doctor must be current for the upcoming summer. Please keep a copy of the medical forms for yourself before you mail them to camp. If you send medications to camp, be sure they are clearly marked with the camper’s name and indications to dispense in the original container with physician’s name.


All medication to be administered during camp hours must be clearly marked with camper’s name, and should be provided in its original container. A separate note containing dosage instruction and parent’s signature must be sent as well. If you would like to discuss your child’s health situation, please call the camp office and arrange a meeting with one of the camp directors and our camp nurse.

If your daughter takes medication every day, make sure it is given to the nurse immediately. All medication – even vitamins – must be stored in the camp’s health room where it is available before and after meals and at bed-time.
All campers must be checked for lice before camp and bring a signed note by the person who checked them. An additional lice check will be done when campers arrive. If a camper is found to have lice, the parents will be charged a minimum of $300 for lice removal services, depending on the severity of the lice.