Cell Phone Policy:
At JGR, we have a “no-cell phone” policy. Aside from the fact that cell phones can get lost or stolen, there is a fundamental problem with campers having cell phones at camp, and that is trust. When children come to camp they—and you—are making a leap of faith, transferring their primary care from you as their parents to us and their caretakers and counselors. This is one of the growth-producing, yet challenging aspects of camp. As children learn to trust other caring adults, they grow and learn, little by little, to solve some of their own challenges. We believe this emerging independence is one of the greatest benefits of camp. It is one important way your children learn to become resilient. Contacting you by phone essentially means they have not made this transition. It prevents us from getting to problems that may arise and addressing them quickly. Sending a cell phone to camp is like saying to your child that you as the parent haven’t truly come to peace with the notion of them being in our care.

We agree to tell you if your child is experiencing a challenge in their adjustment to camp. You can help by talking with your child before they leave for camp and telling them that there is always someone they can reach out to, whether it is their counselor, a trusted activity leader, head staff, or the director. We are all here to give your daughter an amazing summer, but if you don’t trust us, they certainly won’t.

The only campers who may bring a cell phone are those traveling by plane. At the beginning of camp, phones should be turned in to Nechama Laber only and will be returned at the end of camp.