Campers will have designated times to send e-mails and write letters home. Campers will call home once after the first week of camp. A JGR updates e-mail will be sent to parents every couple days to let you know what is happening. Pictures will also be put up at our website every couple days. Make sure to check us out on Facebook for updates during camp. 

Camp Phone Number: 614-JGR-CAMP

To send mail to your daughter please email to ask for our mailing address.

You can send e-mails to campers at

 Please put the camper’s name in the subject line. E-mails will be printed out and handed to campers. Girls will not be able to reply by e-mail. Check our website for updates and photos from camp!


Special Instructions:
If you would like to communicate any special instructions that will help us care for your daughter, please put it in writing with the application or medical form. You can also send it in an e-mail. If you just explain it over the telephone, we may not remember.