Q. What is the Counselor Job Description?

You will fulfill two roles as a counselor. The first is to care for each child’s general physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Counselors make sure the campers are safe and together with bunk at all times. It also includes singing, leading bunk time, making the activities exciting, giving hugs, praising campers, handling disputes, comforting campers, helping and guiding campers to grow spiritually as well as to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, pack up their clothes etc.

The second part of your job involves leading 1-2 clubs that you have interest or experience in. Club Activities include teaching GROW (learning class), Exercise, arts & crafts, drama, choir, dance, writing or multi-media, just to name a few. We want you to write on your applications any of your talents or workshops that you can lead.

The goal of these clubs is to give every camper the opportunity to shine and develop their skills and talents in the clubs that they choose. This also gives you the chance to share your strengths with JGR.

But, most of all, you are role models for our girls. You represent the person they strive to become and they will learn from your example. Being that your actions leave a strong impression on our campers, we expect the highest standards. We expect you to be positive with your campers even when they are not cooperating and to show them acceptance and love even when they are having a challenging time. We expect you to respect each girl according to their backgrounds and to help each girl grow on her level. We appreciate when our counselors expand on the impact of camp by keeping in touch with campers after the winter or summer.

Q. Do I have to prepare before camp?

Camp prep includes weekly phone conferences, reading over any documents that we share on google docs. We will let you know which workshops you will lead and the details. If there are any supplies that you will need, we would like you to e-amil it to us at least 2 weeks before camp. A counselor can always prepare inspiring stories to share at bunk time, prepare ice breakers to enable your bunk to bond.

Q. What are the Clubs and their goals and what skills does staff need in order to lead them?

The goal of these electives is to give the campers the opportunity to develop their skills in areas that they choose. This also gives our staff the opportunity to shine by sharing your strength and talents. Counselors must be experienced and knowledgeable in these areas, as well as organized and energetic.

Arts & Crafts

Ability to teach workshops in one of the following areas: ceramics, cartooning, fashion design, jewelry, mosaics, painting, cooking, cake decorating, fiber arts, and general crafts. Instructors will develop on-going projects allowing campers to improve their skills during the summer under the leadership of our Activity Director.

Athletics and Fitness

As an athletics counselor, we ask you are familiar enough with a variety of sports to coach teams. This also includes fitness, dance, yoga, aerobics and martial arts. Athletics staff will develop and carryout lessons with growth, development, and confidence as goals.

Swimming Pool

Swim instructors and lifeguards are required to have current Lifesaving, WSI, and CPR certifications. Instructors will be responsible for planning and teaching level appropriate swimming lessons to campers with improvement as a goal. You will also be responsible for lifeguarding during recreational swim. Instructors will work under the leadership of our Aquatics Director

Performing Arts: Drama, Dance, Choir

Counselors will teach drama which includes play directing, set design, improv acting, singing, and music under the direction of our production head. Counselors will direct, cast, and choreograph dances for our annual camp movie. Counselors must have creativity, spirit, organizational skills, love, and patience.

New! Music

Our music program consists of two components. One is music and musical instruments. Counselors familiar with piano, guitar, and percussion instruments are sought for this position. Instructors will teach kids of all levels the love for music as well as skill.

The second component is to prepare to record in a recording studio. Instructors will work with interested campers on a daily basis to sing, play and record music. We hope to produce a CD of music by campers and counselors by the end of each summer.

Magazine Publishing Clubs:

Counselors with creative writing and graphic design skills will design the camp journal under the direction of Leah Caras, Founder & Publisher of YALDAH MAGAZINE.

Multi-Media Clubs: New!

Our multi-media program consists of photography, video taking and editing.  Campers will work with technology to create a camp video. They will learn how to design a memory video with pictures and video footage using various backgrounds and affects.

 Q. What are the head staff positions?

Co-Founders & Co-Directors: Rabbi Avraham & Nechama Laber

Program & Communication Director: Leah Caras plans the basic schedule, trips, speakers, guests and confirms the trips and guest staff. Leah also leads the camp newsletter committee. She edits the camp curriculum and is the camp graphic designer.

Learning Head: She is in charge of the Davening and learning groups, She prepares the activities for GROW classes. She leads camp wide prayer services and prepares stories for farbrengens, meal times and Bunk Time before bed. She is in charge of Tzivos Hashem learning. She runs the Shabbos programs including Parshah & Perkei Avos groups. She prepares camper Dvar Torahs at every meal. She prepares the Question of the day. She is in charge of Tune in Time (one on one learning time with staff and campers). Some learning directors will prepare a short slide show each morning to show at breakfast to break out the learning class.

Activity Director: She plans and executes the daily camp schedule and makes changes when necessary. She makes shopping lists, sets up for the clubs and prepares most camp wide activities such as night activities, color war, carnival, theme days etc. She must have good communication skills to work with the directors and the Division Heads/Head Counselor.

Head Counselor/Divison Head:

Head Counselors play two roles. She is responsible for the spirit of the entire camp and also for her specific division.  They run the schedule including meals, line up, cocoa club and they divide up the responsibilities. They ensure that campers and staff are where they should be and implement a Bunk Competition incentive program. HC’s meet with the activity director to go over the weekly/ daily schedule. They also meet with their division counselors EVERY night to go over day, issues, give positive feedback, and give next days schedule. HC’s also meet with the camp mom or camp director when necessary regarding any issues that arise to receive guidance on how to handle a situation. There are 3 Divisions and each head counselor is responsible for the YALDAH, Bat Mitzvah Camp or Teen Leadership Camp Division. They also plan extra programs for their division such as runaways, Bat Mitzvah Club evenings and Teen Farbrengens/ night activities.

Teen Activity Director: She plans and executes the Teen program with the H.C. She chaperones on their extra trips and helps out with leading night activities and leading their davening and Grow Lessons.

Office Manager: Phone calls, emails to parents, picks up mail, copies, organizes office. Good communication and organizational skills a must.

Camp Mom: She is always available to mentor campers and counselors, handle all emotional and spiritual issues that come up.

O.D. – On Duty & Authority: She is around at bedtime after counselors say good night to campers to make sure that campers are getting their beauty sleep. She stays up at night until all campers are sleeping. She keeps decorum, deals with misconduct and behavioral issues during the afternoon and evening.

Kitchen Staff:

Kitchen Manager: Coordinates and plans the menu, shopping lists and communicates with the chef and head waitress. She makes sure that all food goes on trips and assists chef and manages the cleaning staff.

Head Chef: Rabbi Michoel Caras

Head Waitress: Coordinates waitress jobs and ensures they are being completed. Plans the daily schedule for the waitresses.

Staff Coordinator & Shopper: Plans daily Shiurim, Farbrengens and fun nights for staff. She needs to have at least 2 years of driving experience so she can for camp wide activities and counselor fun nights.

Production Head: She is responsible to audition, give out parts, edit the script to fit the parts, take care of the music, delegates the performing arts responsibilities amongst the staff. She designs the sets, makes schedules for filming and communicates with the directors and videographer. After the filming she assists our producer in editing the movie. She gets the campers excited to be part of making a camp movie.

Supply Manager: She takes inventory after every meal and clubs and makes shopping list for Rabbi Laber or Head of Staff is given 24 hours in advance and locks the closets and keeps them organized and keeps decluttering the Aggie from all the camp stuff. She directs the cleaning staff and collects and organizes lost and found. She can also take over a counselor on a day off.

Waitresses: Mut be coming out of grade 10 & 11. Set up and Serves 2 tables each and makes sure bunk cleans up and rotation for sweeping up aggie after every meal. They also take over counselors when they are on their morning off.

Q. When does staff come to camp?

Head staff arrives 5 days before and counselors arrive 2-3 days before the campers for orientation and training.

Q. What is the pay?

Staff all know what a tremendous shlichus and honor it is to be a part of the JGR staff. For more information, e-mail Nechamalaber@gmail.com

Q. Do you pay for transportation?

We generally pay for transportation from NY, MTL, MA. etc. approximately 50.00-80.00 round trip.