Rabbi Israel Rubin, Director of Capital Chabad:

Mrs. Nechama Laber has developed a highly nurturing program where every camper is a star! She makes the noble mission of every Jewish girl very exciting a relevant. Taking personal interest in each girl, Nechama Laber and her staff develop leadership and poise in the young girls by building up their self image and esteem.



“I had such a great time at JGR, I want to go back and stay forever!” -Ellie, age 11, GA

“Camp is like one big family, and we are all close. We are taught how it is to be a Jewish woman and that each mitzvah is very important.”-Rebecca Hertzberg, camper

“I had an amazing time and met so many girls and women that have really put my life in perspective. It truly was a life-changing summer experience where all the girls there grew, and it really felt like heaven met earth!” -Chana, age 13, MA

“What a summer – acting, swimming, davening, learning, eating, beading, baking, storytelling, singing, and best of all, making friends and keeping them. It was the most wonderful experience of a lifetime it really changed my life.” -Zahava, age 10, NY

“To describe my two years at JGR is impossible to put into words. The summers in JGR have been the BEST summers of my life. The minute I stepped onto the JGR grounds, I felt warmth, generosity, passion and love. Thank you for all my wonderful years at your spectacular camp!”  Gaby Schwartz, Detroit MI

“JGR was so much Fun! This was the best summer I ever had. Every day is packed with so many trips and fun activities. I can’t wait for next summer. ” Rafi Kapitanker, NJ




“JGR has been a one of a kind experience for my girls–the warmth, excitement and love of being Jewish is the essence of JGR. The sensitivity and nurture for each girl’s unique needs and character is extraordinary. No matter where you fall on the religious spectrum…..this camp is an amazing Jewish experience to give to your child.” -Emunah Sohn, mother

“One of the great things about JGR is the positive role models that my daughters look up to and grow to love.” -Ilana Kovach, mother

“JGR has given my daughter such a positive outlook on being Jewish. It really brings out the fun and inspiring parts of Judaism for her.” -Nanette Brenner, mother

“I had the opportunity to work at a JGR Winter Retreat. I was truly amazed by the wonderful caring adults who give our daughters the chance to laugh, sing and make wonderful memories.” Karen Edwards

“JGR is incredible! Each girl is valued and appreciated for her own special and unique gifts. JGR is a warm, loving and supportive environment for budding Jewish Women to grow in their spiritual lives, which I feel is desperately needed to counteract the pull of negative influences on our children.” Gayle M. Gruenberg, NJ


Hi Nechama,

I was reminded of you this past shabbos. I was at an NCSY lunch’n’learn, when an NCSYer’s mother came to us to talk about her son’s Jewish Future. She said her children became very frustrated with their Jewish Day Schools, and she is now trying to find a better way for them to connect.

She mentioned that she sent her daughter to a girls summer retreat near Albany – so of course, I immediately knew what she was talking about. I told her about my days in the Bat Mitzvah Club, and all the great memories I have from then.

She said her daughter now feels a much stronger connection to her Yiddishkeit because of the Jewish Girl’s Retreat. She finds her wanting to daven mincha as well as say brachot and dress more modestly. She told me how much she loves the dress code, how every parent can choose what dress code they want for their child.

It was so nice to hear about you and the wonderful things you are doing all the way in Rochester. Please know that I, as well as this girl’s mother, think what you’re doing is really amazing.

Keep up the great work – it’s clearly showing.

All the Best, Li-or (Kohn) Holtzman