What is the JGR Mission?

The Jewish Girls Retreat’s mission is to provide a safe and loving environment where Jewish girls explore Judaism and Israel through the arts and nature. The camp provides girls with a variety of opportunities to explore and strengthen their musical, dramatic, dance and creative writing abilities as well as guide them to discover new talents. Each girl will shine in her unique way and build pride in her artistic and spiritual self. The fun and warm family-like atmosphere at camp, enables girls to feel comfortable expressing their personalities and interests.

What is the Jewish Vision?

Our vision is to unite Jewish girls from all backgrounds and bring a unity through participation in visual arts. Through cultivating girls’ talents, nurturing their self-esteem, and providing them with leadership opportunities throughout camp, we inspire a future generation of  leaders. The universal language of the arts fosters true Jewish unity. Through the arts and Chassidus, girls discover the timeless relevance of the Torah and  and gain a stronger Jewish identity.